Snow Kiting

You may have heard of kitesurfing, but it's likely you'll be more familiar with snowboarding. Well, snowkiting combines elements from both of these sports. For those who aren't familiar with either, you can check out our snowboarding and kitesurfing guides. In brief, snowboarding (and skiing) are winter sports that involve descending a hill, on snow, attached by your feet to skis or a board. Kitesurfing uses a smaller, single board (similar to a wakeboard) to ride the surface of open water, powered by a large flexi foil kite. Snowkiting then, allows an individual to travel further on snow without relying on gravity as it employs a kite to generate momentum. Unlike kitesurfing, in snowkiting the rider is not restricted to using a board, they can use skis or a snowboard, depending on their preference..